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We believe in improving, enhancing, progressing, and refining everything we touch. We strive to create not only a better product but also a better company, a better workplace, and a better community.
We believe in better.

A Better Edible

The Bettering Company focuses on care of craft, paying close attention to every aspect of every product we make. We use minimal, all-natural ingredients, we source fair trade cacao, and we handmake unique, culinary-driven flavors. We equally focus on the care of methodology to ensure consistent THC content and ideal flavor in all of our edibles, carefully testing each batch beyond the industry’s minimal requirement for THC testing. 

A Better Workshop

Our 10,000-square-foot custom facility was meticulously designed using pharmaceutical facility construction experience, ensuring a state-of-the-art and pristine environment for our edibles production. Advanced humidity and temperature control systems guarantee optimal conditions for production, ensuring that all of our products are crafted flawlessly. Managed by a skilled team with over 40 years of combined experience in food and production, The Bettering Company home upholds the highest standards in quality and innovation.

A Better Workplace

The Bettering Company is employee-owned, which means all employees have equity in the company. This shared ownership and responsibility among the team members for making the best product possible is a focal point of The Bettering Company’s ultimate mission of striving to do business better. 

Always be Bettering.
Reaching for better goes far beyond just making better edibles. 

ALWAYS BE BETTERING is our rallying cry to join us in seeking to improve upon all things: our community, our environment, ourselves. The Bettering Company is committed to social responsibility, sustainability, and creating a positive impact on society.

As an LGBTQ+ owned company, we energetically promote diversity, inclusion, and equality in the business world—and in the world at large.

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