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We are stoked to announce our collaboration with world-renowned artist and positive message deliverer, WRDSMTH. 

In the ever-evolving world of art, where creativity knows no bounds, few artists have made as unique a journey as WRDSMTH. Born from the confines of an advertising career, WRDSMTH has emerged as a prolific street artist, author, and advocate for positivity in the art world. 

The Bettering Company is proud to collaborate with WRDSMTH, to spread messages of hope and inspiration to the cannabis community in Illinois. We are excited to announce the initial fruits of our collaboration by partnering with Ivy Hall, to feature two stunning murals designed by The Bettering Company and WRDSMTH. The murals are now live at Ivy Hall Bucktown


The Early Years: From Advertising to Writing

WRDSMTH entry into the art world began in the not-so-distant world of advertising. He found early success in the field as a fresh college grad. However, he quickly came to realize that the financial success his knack for advertising brought him did not equate to personal fulfillment. This "A-ha" moment led him tot Los Angeles, where he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his true passion: writing. However, he soon realized that financial success did not equate to personal fulfillment. This realization led him to Los Angeles, where he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his true passion: writing.

In LA, WRDSMTH embarked on a creative journey that involved writing scripts, crafting short films, conducting interviews, and even penning a novel. His relentless pursuit of creativity and storytelling set the stage for what would become an extraordinary career.

WRDSMTH's move to Los Angeles marked a significant turning point in his career. In the City of Angels, he published a novel that showcased his storytelling prowess. Yet, despite his success as a writer, he found himself spending long hours in front of a computer and yearned for a more active and tangible form of expression.


The Birth of WRDSMTH: Art on the Streets

It was during this period of introspection that WRDSMTH discovered his affinity for street art. He began painting his thoughts and messages on walls, starting with simple word-based pieces. It was a rebel practice at first and immersed him in the renaissance of street art. 

He took a chance to leave his mark on the world, quite literally, even though at the time, street art was still very much frowned upon However, the positivity of his messages broke through the stigma and offered him an opportunity to travel the world and showcase his art for all to see.


Phil Brody and the Rise to Recognition as WRDSMTH. 

Under the pseudonym WRDSMTH, the artist Phil Brody began to gain recognition and accolades for his work. The name Phil Brody became synonymous with creativity, innovation, and a unique form of street art that sought to beautify rather than destroy. His messages were positive and inspiring, and this ethos made him a better artist.

With a strong social media presence, WRDSMTH's success led to numerous opportunities, but he maintained a strong commitment to the renegade spirit of street art. Even when he was sent to cities to create commissioned pieces, he couldn't resist putting up pieces in the streets along the way.


From Bare Walls to Corporate Collaborations

WRDSMTH's ability to transform bare walls into creative canvases led to partnerships with companies that believed in his unique blend of storytelling and street art. However, not all companies understood his vision. He explained that only about 50% of them truly grasped the true voice and message of his writing.

We are proud to announce that one of the most exciting collaborations in WRDSMTH's career  and ours came with this partnership. This project is not just about art; it is about aligning missions and spreading positivity. 

WRDSMTH dove deep into our mission statement, and he saw an incredible synergy between our values and his own. 

“The collaboration with The Bettering Company has been nothing short of incredible, with both parties being blown away by the results,” said WRDSMTH. 

Creating Art for a Cause

Through The Bettering Company, WRDSMTH has had the opportunity to create powerful pieces of art that align with the company's mission. His stunning murals, designed together with the team at The Bettering Company, are a way to show our shared commitment to spreading positivity and thought-provoking messages. 

WRDSMTH's words have the power to make people stop, think, smile, and take a picture, and this synergy is beautifully captured in his collaborations with The Bettering Company.


Returning to Chicago: A Homecoming of Sorts

WRDSMTH's journey has come full circle as he returns to Chicago, a city he loves and where he spent a significant portion of his life. This time, he brings with him not only his art but also a message of positivity that is bound to resonate with the people of Chicago. Stop by and check out our murals at Ivy Hall, Bucktown. Be sure to take a picture and tag us @thatsbettering. We would love to see you

Ivy Hall Bucktown: 

1720 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647


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