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A Better Edible. Our Story.


“The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Mark Zuckerberg



For Drake Nickell and Mark Cozzi, founders of The Bettering Company, risk was something they both agreed to take when they started the journey to forming an edible company. It was 2020 and the world was in disarray and shock from the recent arrival of COVID-19. While most were hunkering down and slowing down, the duo took the opportunity to get very focused on their dream - creating a THC edible that not only qualified as a gourmet treat - but was skillfully crafted to be a safe and beneficial way to enjoy the benefits of THC.

“This was a six-year process” said Drake of The Bettering Company's journey to fruition. 

“Mark and I were so determined to make this happen. We worked day and night on our application to become an infuser. It was a 300-page document. We even worked through Christmas. I would literally fall asleep with my laptop on my lap…then my alarm would go off and I would slide it back onto my lap and start again,” Drake recalled the challenging time fondly. "

The idea for The Bettering Company came to Mark when speaking with a friend of his, an Oncologist about the benefits of cannabis, and how it is profoundly better than drinking alcohol.

“Neil, the Oncologist who is now our Chief Medical Officer, expressed his concern about recommending THC products to patients. He had not found an edible that was reliable and trustworthy in dosage and predictable in effects,” said Drake, “we made it our mission to create an edible that doctors can feel confident in recommending to patients in pain, that also tastes amazing.” 

Drake also had a personal reason for his mission. 

“I haven’t felt comfortable or confident in giving my grandfather edibles based on inconsistency in dosing. Hence our ingredients are precisely dosed and ingredients are approved by oncologists.” said Drake.

Forming The Bettering Company has been an adventure for the two entrepreneurs. They have met some of their favorite people along the way. 

“We met a team of folks who wanted to work for us two years ago - and after a long wait, several of them are finally in the facility, and we are officially working together,” said Drake. 

Though it has been a long and difficult process, (as any huge dream is,) some of the lighter moments of creating The Better Company were experienced during the process of creating the edibles themselves. 

Drake laughed as he recalled the taste-testing process. 

“I ate so many pounds of chocolate on taste-testing day that I made myself so sick, I had to take the rest of the day off,” Drake said with a laugh. 

The Bettering Company aims to not only create edibles that are a foodie’s dream but also to ensure consistency and predictability in THC content. Predictability in THC content is so important. The Bettering Company goes to great lengths to ensure that their customers can predict the effects of the edibles they consume.

“We pride ourselves on being the only edibles company that we know of that has a Chief Medical Officer to ensure safety and quality. We are confident that when you purchase our edibles, you will know exactly what you’re getting every single time,” said Drake. 

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